Outsourced Help Desk Tech Support

We offer information and support to computer users. Fermium assists with account permissions, password resets, and computer functions. We collaborate with our clients to thoroughly understand the IT processes and challenges they may face



If you are looking for guaranteed high levels of service for your Help Desk support, or other customer service needs, our help desk outsourcing service can give you that and more. Our team, processes, and technology give you the information to identify trends and anticipate training needs, increase responsiveness to your customers, and ultimately help you secure the reputation of providing quality service to those you service every day

Our help desk team covers many fields of service including the common home issues of printer setups, TV or computer setup/configuration and brand recommendations of new products. We also support the common office issues with hardware and software troubleshooting as well as account setups, network configuration and job estimates.


We provide support to dentists, so if an issue does occur it can be resolved quickly and efficiently.


Keeping your business running without hiccups is our goal, we keep you running smoothly and efficiently.


We get you serving your customers quicker than ever, if you have any issues we will have them fixed.


We provide a good platform for you to work from, to keep you serving customers with out any downtime.


We work in the medical industry helping you serve your patients, and to make sure nothing goes wrong.


Any issues you may have at home we can fix, varying from network setup to printer installs we help get it fixed.

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