Why would I need to hire an IT Consultant?

People think they know a little bit about it, but hiring someone who has over 20 years of experience in the field can help give you a clear guidance in which direction to take and help you save time and money. A consultant can not only guide you in the moment but can let you know what will be needed in the future works of your company as well.

What to look for if you’re Hiring and IT Consultant:

Look for experienced people. You can find IT techs that have more of an experience in a general home setting, that know something like setting up computers and T.V’s. But there are a lot less people that have experience in a company of around 100-500 people, because then they don’t know how to set up an email server for 500 employees. There’s definitely a difference there, find expertise on what you need. There’s a lot of people that are self-taught and have no experience in a corporate environment. So when they get into a situation like this and say, “oh yeah, I can do that”, then they get there and you’re hearing them on a conference call and they’re just like, “uh, so which button is it”? And you hear that A LOT.