Fermium IT Consulting Services

Not every plan is the same. Let us see what your custom plan requires for you Network Setup or Rollout 

IT Consulting Services

We provide a wide range of IT Consulting Services with no limits. We cover one time installations as well as nationwide roll outs of hardware installation, remediation, and configuration. Our experts work with you to find the perfect product price that will fit your need as well as your budget. We are not in the habit of recommending a super car when only an affordable sedan is needed. Our service provides you with management of single or entire management of your technology. With nearly every aspect of your planning, installation, and support, we give you one point of contact for stress free management.

Consulting Process

IT Strategy Consulting

We know that it can be difficult to choose from a vast product a price list, this is where technology consulting can be a beneficial option to choose. Distinguishing between a thousand dollar switch and hundred dollar switch is important because one may be recommended for a retail store or dental office and the other for a mid sized home. By knowing the details of price versus performance we are able to guide you through the purchase and set up with minimal hassle. To see if you can be helped, explore our fields of operation below.

Fields of Operation

  • Recommend resources
  • Choose hardware
  • Choose product brand
  • Find estimate
  • Wireless installation
  • Begin Roll-out
  • Dental
  • Retail
  • Medical
  • Government
  • Restaurant
  • Residential

Benefits of Hiring an IT Consultant


Piece of Mind

Piece of mind goes beyond just handing off the technological task and worries to someone else. Dealing with IT is like dealing with cars, it can become overwhelming, we deal with providers and technicians i.e., the mechanic so you don’t have to.

One Point Of contact

Having one point of contact is a great stress reliever. Instead of calling around from department to department, you deal with one representative that covers all aspects that may be an issue. Release your worries to a consultant today.

Work With A specialist

Our IT consultants are individuals who is trained to manage every aspect of planning and integrating projects of all sizes and complexity. We cover data center design, server management, network planning and remote support.

Save Time & Money

Save your valuable time by hiring a our trusted consultants to manage your companies integration into the twenty first century. Trying to research and take on the job by yourself may not cover all need aspects of IT implementation.

Lets Get In Touch!

We look forward to working with you! If you have any questions or job requests, please contact us.

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IT Consulting Services

We provide a wide range of IT Consulting Services with no limits.

Commercial Services

Consulting for a National or Regional roll-out is extremely important. Higher a Tech company that Knows what products & Service providers you need and can take all the stress away from having to do it yourself. Let Fermium be your ONE point of contact.
Need Help Deciding what P.O.S (Point  of Sales) system to choose? Or any other products? Let us help you decided what is best for your company or home a save you the headache
Service Providers
Dont Know who to hire for a roll out or just simply installing some hardware? Fermium has partnered with companies like Work Market &Field Nation to find you the best text in your area.


  • Choosing the right TV
  • Installation
  • Phone Set Up
  • Wireless set up
  • Moving