Residential Hardware Installation

Our Service Call technicians love helping people with a different area of expertise that may not understand technology as well as our specialists do. Take a load off and let us professionally and technologically improve your home.

Residential Hardware Installation

Explore all aspects of your technological home that we can assist you with. Buying the right television may be tougher then choosing the right size.

TV Installation

TV set up and installation can be a complex process. Our techs have simplified the process and manage everything from mounting the television to connecting the provider modem.

Computer Set-up

Our technicians are equipped to set up computers, monitors, and laptops. As well as the necessary connection whether it is WiFi or a wired network that your home needs to be set up with.


From VOIP and land line to mobile and video calls, our technicians can install with ease. We are more then happy to answer any questions so call in or ask our on site technicians.


What is video without good audio? We do our absolute best to implement surround sound systems with hidden wiring and connections. We don’t only install interior, we explore and install outdoor.


A printer is not as simple at connect to power and print. Our technicians will set up your printer and connection properly and continue to teach you the common uses and trouble shooting solutions.


Just as lights were needed in a home now it seems that internet connection is just as important. Let our technicians install your network whether it is wired to devices or simply wireless.

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