Our reputation is our business. When outsourcing IT services for our clients there are many times we have to hire multiple techs in different cities that we can get to or find it more cost effective to outsource. In doing this, there is a high risk for another company to leave a bad impression on us. After all it is our job to provide the best service and techs for our clients no matter who does the job.

In the Portland area there is one company that has Fermium’s trust as well as our clients. Anytime the team at Ivy Tech is given a work order, we can trust the job will be done to the highest perfection but most importantly the customer is beyond satisfied. With their company slogan being “Techs you’ll actually enjoy working with” they sure do put their money where their mouth is.

Customer satisfaction is so high that they have been personally requested for multiple jobs down in San Francisco, Yes they drive down from Portland to do that.

Here is an email we received from the company expressing their gratitude for these guys:

Dear Jason,

We’d like to express our deep appreciation of the excellent work and cabling installation services performed by you and your team of technicians in preparation of our A/V Upgrade Project (Phase III) for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) at their headquarters building in San Francisco, CA. The standard of work was terrific and most importantly, it gives me and our teams the confidence to install, implement, and test the latest technologically advanced A/V equipment and enhanced features without concern that the cabling could be problematic.

I’d like to add my personal thanks to Michael Ivanov and Paul Ivanov for their dedication to get the job done correctly and completely within a shortened schedule. They never complained when I needed them to make changes or alter their installation plan to accommodate other contract workers.

The entire portion of this pre-phase III effort was viewed as a success by not only our company, but by our client as well. It’s great to have a team of installers on site that I can be sure will work hard throughout the day while keeping to a high level of professionalism.

Please extend our gratitude to your entire team, and I will be looking forward to working with you on the next phase of this EPA project and beyond.

An IT company that will get the job done is not hard to find, Techs you’ll actually enjoy working with and who leave impressions like that are hard to come by.