What is an MDF & IDF?

MDF - IDF cable placement


The main distribution frame is the the primary hub for all outbound Ethernet cables to there designated hardware devices. The MDF holds the internet modem, switches, and POE’s. The recommended length for a Cat5 cable is 285 feet. If a device is more then 285 ft from the MDF how do you reach it? You pull a fiber optic cable and set up an intermediate distribution frame (IDF) in the direction of the distant device and run the required wires from there.

Telco closet network setup

Network – Telco Closet

A network – telco closet is the room dedicated to storing the MDF as well the Demarc extension and any other network related tech. A network closet is usually fitted with conduit pipes coming from the ceiling, floor, or walls. Another option to run wires in and out is ceiling tiles. We recommend you refrain from using these closets as storage, it may become a hazard.